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The Lilian Lindsey Bookstore
is now open!

Open Hours

Mondays - Thursdays 10-6
Saturdays 10-2

The bookstore will be closed on Friday to allow volunteers to process memberships and restock inventory.

The Friends SUMMER BOOK SALE will be held August 24-28, 2021

in the Library River Room

Aug. 24 3-6pm (for Friends members only)
Aug. 25 10-6pm
Aug. 26 10-6pm
Aug. 27 10-3:30pm
Aug. 28 10-2pm (Bag/Box Sale)

Who are the Friends?

The Friends of the Paul Sawyier Public Library

is a group of community volunteers 

committed to supporting the library 

through fund raising, sponsoring library programs, 

and enhancing public awareness of the library and its services.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Contributions are tax-deductible.

What do Friends do?

Here is a list of just some of the Friends' goals:

Raising money for special library projects, such as the stained-glass
window adorning the second floor of the new library
(click here to view it)

Presenting the needs of the library to the public

Furthering the appreciation of books, literacy,

  and education in the community

Supporting programming for children

Supporting programming for adults

Supporting life-long learning

And much, much more!

Who can be a Friend?

Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting the library.

The amount of time you spend volunteering is up to you.

How do I join?

Applications may be obtained at the library,

in the Friends' Lilian Lindsey Bookstore,

and on the "Membership Form" page of this website

(click the link at the top left).

How do I contact Friends?

Drop us a note in the Friends' mailbox
at the library circulation desk
or send an e-mail to the Friends' webmaster, below.

How can I donate to the Friends?

Books, audio books/tapes, DVDs, CDs, and magazine donations 
may be dropped off in the caged area near the inside library parking garage exit.

We ask that all materials be clean and free from mold
We do not accept encyclopedias or VHS. 

Receipts for tax deduction purposes may be picked up
in the Friends' bookstore
(click here for days/hours)
or at the library check-out desk.

Your donations help support library services and programs. 

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(examples:  board meeting, photo, event, winter sale)

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